5 Tips To Choosing The Perfect Mattress

Anyone who’s been shopping for a mattress is likely to have come across a very common issue: the firmness of the mattress. Even though it’s very important that you pick a mattress that feels plush enough for your back, you’ll also need to consider the support that it provides. That’s way more important in the sense that it protects your back and keeps it from getting hurt over time.

Most mattresses feel soft to begin with, and would come with tags such as plush, extra plush or firm and other varying terms. It is advised that you disregard all these labels and just try them out for yourself. To decide if a mattress is ideal for you, just lay down on it both on your back and on your side. If you’re able to sleep on it comfortably while being able to maintain a straight and aligned spine, then the support is just right for you. The reason for this is that the support that a mattress is able to provide varies based on your body weight and size. If you’re a heavy person with a large body, you should definitely opt for a mattress that’s firmer because your body would sink into it otherwise, creating an unnatural spine curve that would lead to a multitude of back problems later on.


For some of the best memory foam mattresses, I would personally suggest taking a look at Serta, Tempur-Pedic and Sealy. These are also recommended in this memory foam mattress guide. These 3 brands seem to do it much better compared to other memory foam mattress brands. As of the moment of writing this article, Sealy is owned by Tempur-Pedic but technically, they’re still 2 different companies that have their own operations. Regardless of that, both are just fine when it comes to bedding materials and products.

layers-of-innerspring-mattressWhile it’s true that there are plenty more mattress companies that are highly specialized, nothing beats experience. Having a dependable mattress manufacturer produce and test their many products based on the feedback of their customers is very important in providing the best possible experience. Generally, I’d prefer a mattress that has slightly more bounce to it because I’ve been using innerspring mattresses for as long as I can remember. The transition from a spring to a memory foam or latex mattress was difficult for me, so I stuck to an innerspring mattress in the end. Nonetheless, the general consensus is that memory foam mattresses have plenty more health benefits if you can get used to sleeping on them.

Price-wise, memory foam mattresses take the cake of being the most expensive type of mattress around. The least expensive memory foam mattress can cost about $200 but the most expensive ones will cost you a hefty $1000 or more. If you can afford to spend so much on a mattress, feel free to purchase one, but if I were you, I’d rather split up the sum to get a good bed frame and pillow as well for an optimal sleeping experience.